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Having a larger group, of over 200 people, makes having one-on-one interaction more difficult. As holiday parties are often intended to have employees feel appreciated, THEY improv brings a variety of high-quality options that can keep people engaged and show gratitude to employees, clients and significant others. 

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of improv comedy, game shows and murder mysteries, along with the ability to Emcee your party, look no further to find a way to celebrate with your employees!

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A Variety of Options for Larger Sized Groups

Santa's Company Gala Holiday Party

Improv Is Magic

Not a magic show, on of our directors comes into your holiday party and brings executives on-stage and magically they're funny.

That's right! Your executives are the stars of the show and lower their hair while having the employees engaged by watching their bosses be entertaining.

Santa's Company Party

Comedy Shows

With both stand-up and improv comedy options, there are great ways to keep your group entertained.

Adjusting to the needs of your group, we can utilize executives in the show and make them look like rock stars to the employees.

Improv is a great way to engage the audience and to have them feel like they are truly part of the show.

Santa's Company Party

Game Shows

Get your people challenging one another and competing for prizes in front of your group.

While traditional game shows are fun, few will be on-stage as part of the show. Trivia Nights, however, get the tables competing against one another and often include a Minute-To-Win-It styled game, or even sing a Christmas Carol, at halftime to allow teams that are further behind to gain extra points.

Contact us and we can go over the games and various options.

Santa's Company Party


Having someone to be the master of ceremonies can keep things going and keep them lively. 

Our host can handle elements such as awards, recognition, raffles and other desired programs.

Often this is done in conjunction with other entertainment options and can be discounted if our host is already on-site.

Santa's Company Party

Murder Mysteries

Sometimes the desire to have more of an engaging show for the holiday party leads to choosing a murder mystery dinner or luncheon.

We have great choices for themes from holiday related to mobsters or 1920's or 1980's parties.

For larger groups we can include great options such as musicians, dancers, ambulances to remove the victim and side-elements to create more of a fun atmosphere.

Santa's Company Party

A Visit From Santa

Having Santa come visit is a great way to have everyone enjoy a good time.

Of course with adults the needs are different and we can provide comedic Santas to keep your party rolling. This can also be a Bad Santa with more of an attitude.

With larger groups we can include Elves and other options as well as comedic elements such as the boss sitting on Santa's lap and asking for things for Christmas.


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