Santa's Company Holiday Christmas Party

Santa's Company Party

Welcome to Santa's home for providing quality entertainment for your company Christmas party!

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of improv comedy, game shows and murder mysteries, along with the ability to Emcee your party, look no further to find a way to celebrate with your employees!

Holiday Party Entertainment from the North Pole

A Variety of Options by Size of Group and Types of Shows

Small Groups

Small Group Events

Have a small group and looking for more intimate entertainment while still being just with your group?

We have options for 1-20 people that can entertain and build camaraderie.

Mid-Sized Groups

Mid-Sized Events

Have a middle sized group with a desire for major entertainment?

We have options that can bring high-qualiity entertainment that can have your group begging for more.

Large Groups

Larger Affairs

Have a larger group, or even a huge group?

We have options for various sizes at different budget levels that can help make the event shine while making you look great for having found us.

Military Specials

Military Specials

Do you have a group within the military, veterans or are you a defense contractor inviting the military to your event?

We are proud to serve those who serve us and provide discounted rates for military groups.

Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries

Sometimes the desire for entertainment needs to have something a bit more engaging and challenge the party-goers to solve a crime.

We have great choices including themes that are holiday related. Just don't invite the kids if Santa will be the victim!

game shows comedy

Comedy and Game Shows

Keeping employees entertained often will have them directly engaged in the entertainment.

Having contestants competing against each other, or involved in an improv comedy show, are great ways to keep them present.


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