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Holiday Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

THEY improv provides quality murder mystery dinner show entertainment for your company Christmas party!

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of holiday murder mystery dinner shows for your group, simply contact us to find the option best for your group to celebrate the holidays with your employees!

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Holiday Murder Mystery Dinner Shows for Christmas Office Party Entertainment from the North Pole

A Variety of Holiday Game Show Options

Clue Parties

Clue Parties

We have a wide range of "Get a Clue" shows where everyone from the audience in a character and they mix-and-mingle to discover the murderer in their midst!

Great for groups of 15-30!

Dartmouth Plan

The Dartmouth Plan

A special show that we designed for very small groups, the Dartmouth Plan involves either everyone or up to half of the group (no more than ten characters) who talk to each other in a nuanced murder mystery that requires judgment calls of the participants.

Great for groups of 6-18 people!

Cambridge Solution

The Cambridge Solution

A special program that re-invented the way murder mysteries are conducted, we use up to ten of your group as characters in the murder mystery. With fun themes and our host walking your people through the process, the level of laughter rings in the holidays and is a great way for your executives to show their appreciation to their staff.

Great for groups of 16-150 people.

Frick and Frack

The Frick & Frack Show

More of a stand-up comedy act, our professional comedians create a murder mystery on the spot with your people as the characters in the show.

Your people are comedically involved in the show and the audience directly helps our detectives determine the culprit with prizes given out to the people who were the best participants.

Great for groups of 15-300 and even better when the audience members know each other.

Straight Murder

The Straight Murder

The industry standard, our Straight or "Full" Murder Mystery can be done with any dinner or luncheon. Our comedic characters interact and this leads to a murder followed by a comedic investigation and some of your people winning prizes.

An offshoot of this is our Ambush Murder Mystery where the audience doesn't know a murder is coming. For example, a comedian performing for the night is there with his girlfriend and his wife shows up in the middle of dinner!

Great for groups of 20-250.

Gala Mystery

The Gala Mystery

For larger groups, we can bring a small army of performers complete with a rogues gallery of characters interacting with your audience.

We can also bring other elements, such as singers and dancers, provide paparazzi, activities, ambulances and just about anything you can think of.

This is great for groups of 250 or many more. We've even done these for groups of 800 or more. The budgets can grow quite high, though, of course.


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