Company holiday Christmas Party Game Shows

Holiday Game Shows

THEY improv provides quality game show entertainment for your company Christmas party!

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of holiday game shows for your group, simply contact us to find the option best for your group to celebrate the holidays with your employees!

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Holiday Game Shows for
Christmas Office Party Entertainment from the North Pole

A Variety of Holiday Game Show Options

Santa's Company Party

Low-Tech Game Shows

We have a wide range of game shows similar to popular TV versions of the Family Feud, The Match Game, Password, The Newlywed Game and many others!

Have your group ring in the holidays with a fun evening of competition and good cheer!

Santa's Company Party

Trivia Nights

Have your group work as tables to answer fun trivia questions that can be personalized to your company, with general knowledge or even be specialized to the holidays!

Which table will be the trivia masters of your company?

Santa's Company Party

Timed Tirades

Have fun with an evening of bizarre challenges in a series of competitions pitting your people against each other in moments that will be remembered well into the New Year.

With hundreds of challenging options, there's no end to the possibilities!

Santa's Company Party

Audience Olympiads

Larger audiences can be divided into 2 or 3 teams pitted against each other in friendly competition!

For each game, each team chooses their champions to compete on their behalf resulting in points being scored at the end of the evening.

Santa's Company Party

Murder Mysteries

Game show versions of our mysteries involve members of your audience as the suspects in the crime.

It's a great way to get the bosses to have face time with all of the employees and to express their gratitude for their efforts during the year!

Themes include a Santa theme, one with a Mall Santa, a Millionaire's Holiday Party, The Holidays with the Mob and many more!

Santa's Company Party

Talent Shows

We can work to run a talent show with your people providing quality entertainment including everything from dancing, singing, comedy and just about any talent that you can think of.

This can include a training session, or rehearsal session to get things going with your group and helping to improve the quality of the performances.


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