Santa's Company Party

Holiday Party Visits from Santa

THEY improv provides visits from Santa for your company Christmas party!

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of options including the more traditional visit or a visit from Bad Santa, simply contact us to find the option best for your group to celebrate the holidays with your employees!

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Santa's Company Party

Traditional Santa Visit

We have access to a variety of performers that can help with a visit to your group.

This can include a simple walk-through, direct engagement with your people, passing out of gifts, recognition announcements, sitting on the lap or just about anything else you might think of.

Of course availability may be an issue on certain nights of the year and the budget can vary wildly based on the date, costume and level of experience of the Santa. You should book early to make sure they're available for your group.

Bad Santa

Bad Santa

Not all Santa's are on th Good List. If you want a version of our Bad Santas, we have a variety of options. From the Hip Hop Santa to the Mid-Life Crisis Santa or the Greed is Good motivational Santa, simply discuss with us your needs and we can come up with an option for you.

These characters are under high-demand and so availability may be limited. You should book early to ensure availability.


Associated Characters

If you like, we can discuss bringing associated characters to your event. Whether it would be Elves are others of Santa's helpers or the reindeer handlers, we have options for your group. This can also include Carolers, etc.

As with everything for the holidays, availability may be limited by budget and location.


Santa's Helpers in Your Company

We can also incorporate some of your executives as Santa's Helpers. This can ingratiate them to the audience and can also give them an opportunity to display their generosity and appreciation to their employees.


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