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Holiday Improv Comedy Shows

THEY improv provides quality improv comedy shows for entertainment at your company Christmas party!

As Santa's helpers, we spread the holiday joy to companies throughout the U.S. wherever you may be. With a selection of holiday improv comedy show options for your group, simply contact us to find the option best for your group to celebrate the holidays with your employees!

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Holiday Improv Comedy Shows for Christmas Office Party Entertainment from the North Pole

A Variety of Holiday Comedy Show Options

Santa's Company Party

Stand-Up Comedy Shows

We have a wide range of comedians available to entertain at your event.

The quality of performers varies greatly, and thus the budget.

Contact us to discuss a variety of comedians that can come in to entertain your employees.

These can go anywhere from an Emcee to having stand-up for 15-90 minutes depending on desire and budget.

Santa's Company Party

Sketch Shows

Our improvisers can take information from your group to provide on-point sketches that can simply entertain or event demonstrate corporate doctrine.

These shows can vary widely in terms of cost depending on the amount of writing and rehearsal required.

These can go anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes depending on your desire and budget.

Santa's Company Party

Improv Comedy Shows

Our signature show features a variety of professional comedians working as a team to spread the holiday cheer. 

The pieces can involve members of your audience if you like and can lead to memorable moments that won't be forgotten!

These are usually 45-60 minutes starting at dessert.

Santa's Company Party

Improv is Magic

One of our directors can come to your show and get your people to be the comedic stars!

These are simple and well proven pieces that are easy for your people to perform with little or no preparation.

We have a wide range of pieces that can be involved and generally these shows go for about 30-45 minutes starting at dessert.


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